Saturday, September 22, 2012

Be Aware Of FAKE Coupons!

As many of you know, there are tons of counterfeit coupons out there just waiting for you to be a sucker on. Most of these coupons are VERY convincing looking. We already know that just giving your feedback  to some manufacturers through a simple letter could possibly 'thank you' with a free product coupon. This does not always happen. When this does happen, they will always send you a letter thanking you for your feedback and letting you know they have given you a free product coupon. I suggest bringing this letter in with you when using your FREE coupon. 
Recently I typed in "How to get FREE coupons" in a search engine and noticed most of them being 'sold' are on eBay. DO NOT BUY THESE! I have already done some research and have reported someone on eBay to the CIC (Coupon Information Corporation).
I receive coupons from the manufacturers and NEVER buy them unless they are coupons from inserts. If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is.  I use FREE product coupons BUT I receive them from the manufacturers and I bring in PROOF that I received that coupon from them. PLEASE DO NOT BUY COUPONS ONLINE FOR FREE PRODUCTS! You yourself can get into trouble for trying to redeem these counterfeit coupons even if you did not know they were fake. Why go through the embarrassment at the check out line? Yes, I liked TLC's show 'Extreme Couponing' and it DID get me hyped on possibly saving that much money by just clipping and using coupons. I was thinking that I wasn't able to save that much because my state does not allow coupon doubling. NO. That is not the case. Most of these people are using counterfeit coupons by buying them on eBay or another coupon clipping site. I go in the store and use one (1) FREE product coupon because that is all I have. I don't go in with 20 or 50 FREE product coupons like those on TLC's 'Extreme Couponing'. In fact in my opinion 'Extreme Couponing' is NOT reality and should NOT be called a REALITY SHOW. It is people like this that give us couponers a very bad name. Not to mention possibly ruining our chances of using coupons in the future. Manufacturers may stop printing coupons or more and more stores may just stop accepting them since they are losing money. Manufacturers will not pay for fake coupons. Causing stores to not be reimbursed. If you don't have a FREE product coupon, so what! Use the regular coupons from your Sunday paper inserts. You are STILL saving money and you KNOW that they are legitimate coupons. All you have to do is your math! If you have a $1.00 of something and it is on sale for $1.00, guess what? You are getting that item for Free! No possible criminal action will be enforced on you for just doing your math! You feel a lot better knowing you saved that much money by just researching and doing your math. Yes, FREE is always great, but being FREE and out of jail is better!

Check out what I found online!

For a list of counterfeit coupons Click Here

Do you know someone who may be producing, redeeming or selling counterfeit coupons? If so, contact the CIC (Coupon Information Corporation)

The harshest penalty ever handed down was 17 years in prison and
a $5 million fine.
Less harsh but common –  3-5 years in prison and fines in the $200,000+ range.

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