This page is not intended to donate to ME. This page is to educate you on donating to others! In this day and age everyone could use the help. Do you stock pile? What are you going to do with all that food and toiletries? Do you think your family can eat all of it before it expires? Do you really need all those bars of soap or shampoo, etc? Why not stock pile but keep half then donate the other half to your local food bank or pantry! I get a lot of baby formula in the mail and I can honestly say I don't get it for my kids. My children are teenagers now. I get it and donate it. So many mothers out there that can use the formula for their babies. I also get diaper samples. These food banks can use these. What if there is a mother and baby sitting in the food bank and the time comes for a diaper change? What if she doesn't have any at that moment? Well the food bank can provide one! Whichever the case, I feel others may need it more than I. Please lend a hand in helping others. You too may have to ask for help and you will be grateful for it. I don't donate for the 'thank you', I donate for my own peace of mind. Knowing you are helping others in any way you can is a wonderful feeling. I don't brag but I feel good about myself when I do. You can too. Check out your local food banks and pantries websites to see what they are in need of. Don't forget the Stamp Out Hunger on Facebook! If you have a lot of food to donate, contact your local food bank to see if they can have their truck come by your house and pick it all up.

Together we can make a difference in families lives!

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