Thursday, January 15, 2015

Superpoints!!! Earn Your Gift Cards!


Do you remember Superpoints? Do you remember the Super Lucky Button?

I don't know about you but I was sad that they closed it down a couple years ago. Now it is back! I was only using this site for a couple years and I was able to redeem points for a ton of gift cards.
Go ahead, sign in if you had an account before they closed. If not sign up! I never had to pay anything ever and I redeemed my points for gift cards all the time! 
I NEVER have paid any money. If you are looking to buy something then by all means go ahead! Do some quick poll surveys, check email, press the Superponts Lucky Button each day! Earn points, Get Gift Cards!
Get your friends to sign up and start earning points when they reach Bronze Member Level :-)
I have a full time job and I spend about an hour at the most on this site each day. In just 2 weeks I now have 3,157 superpoints :-D
Nothing to lose! Why not try it?

Good Luck!

Click Here to sign in or sign up!

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